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What you need to know about anti-aging medicine

What you need to know about anti-aging medicine

This month’s topic in California Ranch Market was focused on the importance of having a good diet, exercising and changing your habits, that, in return, will help you live a longer and better life. Let’s talk about what does anti-aging medicine means.

Anti-aging medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with making the process of aging healthy and with the help of one of the best anti-aging doctors of the country, Dr. Carlos Mauricio Cardenas, California Ranch Market wanted to know what are the steps a person must do to increase their life expectancy and to achieve the main goal: to stop and, in some cases, reverse the aging process.

If you follow a routine with some of the products that give you vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, it will benefit your body at a point that you can live for 120 years!

“The secret is to start eating foods rich in antioxidants since they counteract the oxidative stress that the tissues support and that are slowly igniting and damaging them.

Antioxidant nutrients such as vitamins C and E, provitamin A and the minerals zinc and selenium help to produce collagen, the protein that forms the structure of skin, bones, and organs”, said Dr. Cardenas.

Here is a list of the products you can begin to eat more often, all available at California Ranch Market:

Foods rich in beta-carotene:

– Carrots
– Red pepper

Vitamin A:

– Carrots
– Green leafy vegetables
– Pumpkins
– Parsley

Vitamin C:

– Citrus fruit: grapefruit, oranges, and lemons
– Peppers
– Cantaloupe
– Strawberries
– Berries
– Green leaves
– Broccoli
– Kiwi

Vitamin E:

– Sunflower seeds
– Broccoli
– Almonds
– Tomatoes
– Hazelnuts

Vitamin K:

– Dark green leafy vegetables
– Romaine lettuce
– Broccoli
– Parsley

Vitamin B:

– Sunflower seeds
– Potatoes
– Nutritional yeast

Begin eating these vitamins and antioxidants that are found at California Ranch Market, and over time you will definitely see the results. Remember that everything counts, so don’t forget to exercise and have good habits to stay on your journey to a healthier lifestyle! See you next time!

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