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Healthy lifestyle with California Ranch Market

Healthy lifestyle with California Ranch Market

California Ranch Market inspires us to achieve a wellness life, through a campaign with recommendations from the experts. Changes of habits must begin in the mind to be lasting. Only then we can reach any goal with effort and dedication.

Special invitees

Nutritionist Ceci Basurto offered advice on how to improve our nutrition by adding superfoods. Small portions of these products contain a large amount of nutrients. One is cocoa. It features a high concentration of antioxidants; 14 times higher than red wine and 21 times more than green tea.

If you are beginning an exercise program, physical trainer Modu shares that “the best tool you can ever use is your body weight. So, start slow and begin mastering the basics. Go for a walk or develop a manageable strength routine. By finding an activity you enjoy, you are more likely to stick to it.”

Dr. Cardenas antiaging specialist says that you need to eat as many minerals as you can, such as zinc or selenium. They help increase the amount of collagen, the protein that forms the structure of the skin, bones and organs. These minerals can be found in spinach, basil and oregano.

Meet our special invitees and practice their advices. Follow us on our social networks to learn more about the campaign: A healthy lifestyle with California Ranch Market!

Online Version: http://bit.ly/SimpleLifestyleExperienceT43

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