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A Healthy Option to Go

A Healthy Option to Go

If you are wondering what to cook for dinner, or you’re in a rush and don’t have time to cook something for lunch, California Ranch Market Deli will be your new best buddy.

Located at San Jose del Cabo in The Shoppes at Palmilla, this Deli will save you from cooking. We interviewed Sergio Mungia, who is the chef in charge of delivering the best sandwiches, amazing smoothies, fresh salads, and some other unique dishes such as lasagna, grilled vegetables, and salmon.

Whatever is the reason you can‘t make it to the kitchen, California Ranch Market is here to give you a hand in a healthy way.

Sergio said that the Caprese sandwich is one of the most requested. Made with fresh basil, some pesto dressing (homemade, of course), tomatoes, and mozzarella. This is a healthy and clean option to go!

Another sandwich you must try is the one made with green apples, white sauce, turkey (homemade, filled with aromatic herbs that give extra flavor), and cheese. It is press grilled to enjoy the melted cheese on each bite!

Nowadays, we are more conscious of what we are putting in our bodies, and California Ranch Market is really aware of this. That’s why all of their products are organic and super fresh. Did you know they actually buy some of the vegetables from Miraflore’s local producers? The tomatoes, for example, are free of fertilizers.

The smoothies are another to go option you should try. They are delicious and will help you with cravings. Instead of choosing a granola bar, why not something freshly made?

This way, you will stay on the right track on your goal to a healthier lifestyle. Next time, because before driving to McDonald’s, you know there is a healthy option out there.

Visit California Ranch Market store and be surprised by what you’ll find at the store, and at their incredible Deli.

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