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Healthy tips from Ceci Basurto with California Ranch Market

Healthy tips from Ceci Basurto with California Ranch Market

For California Ranch Market, living a healthy lifestyle by eating proper food is one of the primary goals. That is why the store is a safe bet to go shopping organic products with high nutrimental values. But, sometimes, it is hard to be on the right track because we have so many distractors in life like smartphones and even our work that makes us lose focus.

Working for long hours and forgetting you need to make time for activities that give you happiness is something we often forget to do. California Ranch Market with the help of nutriologist and food expert, Ceci Basurto, came together with some recommendations ideal for those who work.

To begin, you should add in your routine an activity you enjoy. For example, meditating can help you relax and focus on yourself. Doing exercise is always an excellent way to stay motivated. Calling a friend, family or someone you love and talk to them is also a great option. Taking dance lessons, guitar, going to the beach or watching the sunset with a bottle of wine are things that will improve your humor and, in consequence, make you feel better. 

When talking about diet and what you need to eat, Ceci says it is crucial to plan your week and go to the grocery store. Going to the grocery store will help you to have food on your fridge and stop you from ordering to go or eating out. She also says that it is necessary to make snacks in your shifts. For example, eating fruits or seeds can keep you satisfied while you wait for the next meal. Also, she assures that it’s okay to eat in the dining room of collaborators but try to make breakfast and dinner at home. If you are eating at work, pay attention to the carbohydrates.

In Mexico, we love to eat beans, tortilla, rice and then we have dessert. But it is essential that you choose only one group of cereal. 90% that comes from the earth is carb so be careful which one you select today at lunch. It can be beans, tortilla, rice, pasta, soup or tortilla chips and so on. So, pick one today and tomorrow another one.

Remember that you need to take care of the portions you eat at dinner. Our mental and physical activity is minimum at night, so the ideal thing to do is to have fewer carbs and if you are going to bed at 10:00 pm, have dinner at 8:00. Allow your body to digest the food!

Ceci last tips to help you through those working hours and help your health journey are: stay hydrated at all times! Drink 1,5 to 2 liters water per day. Eat 50% of vegetables in each meal and do 40 minutes 4 times per week of physical activity. Sleep at least 7 hours a day and do not, we repeat, do not drink industrialize beverages or drinks that have sugar. If you need the energy to finish your day instead of choosing a coke, try some almonds.

It’s not an easy task, to change your routine and the way you have been eating for a long time, but California Ranch Market with Ceci Basurto know it is possible! Buy your organic products at California Ranch Market, do your groceries and plan your meals. That’s the first step to a healthier life!

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