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Hummus Recipe with Chef Alex Branch [Video]

Hummus Recipe with Chef Alex Branch [Video]

[Video Transcript]

Well, here we are going to start with an iconic NAO dish; It is a dish that was born from a recipe that a Lebanese lady gave me. She gives me the recipe to give it to my children, it is a hummus and this hummus is particular to her family because unlike traditional hummus, it does not have sesame seeds, it does not have tahini, what it contains is a lot, a lot of this garlic that I bought at California Ranch Market. We are going to confit it with a little first pressed extra-virgin olive oil, and we obtain our garlic in this way.

Now what we are going to do is place our already confit garlic. Do not throw away the oil, it is important to save the oil for later; we're going to add some maldon salt also available at California Ranch Market, along with some organic chickpeas I bought with them today. When opening the only thing I did is to drain the liquid and you get these delicious perfectly well cooked, organic chickpeas.

And here is another different step of this hummus recipe, we are going to add pine nuts, I bought them at California Ranch Market and I toasted them a little bit. Yellow lemon, I am going to squeeze a lemon and a half and if you remember I told you to save a little of the garlic oil, we are going to finish with the oil and blend.

We serve the hummus at room temperature and we are going to finish it with a little more toasted pine nuts, Za'atar seasoning that I got today at California Ranch Market, a little more olive oil, fresh herb in this case a little bit of parsley that I bought in the herb section there at the California Ranch Market. To serve accompanied by some delicious Pita bread.

The perfect recipe to live and spend time with our loved ones and everything available California Ranch Market.

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