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Cooking with Chef Larbi

Cooking with Chef Larbi

With 20 years of experience in the destination, chef Larbi has found in Los Cabos the perfect location to highlight the essence of his cuisine, characterized by the freshness and nature of each ingredient.

His desire of becoming a chef started in his childhood in a small Moroccan villa called Tanger, where he and his siblings produced most of their food such as cheese, butter and other gastronomic products.

Since he arrived in 2003, Larbi has sought for the highest quality ingredients to complement its spontaneous cooking style inspired by local produce, such as fish and organic vegetables taken directly from the farm.

For Larbi a careful selection is highly recommended to show the true flavors of Mexico, this is his source of inspiration. He truly enjoys using fresh harvest fruits and vegetables to enhance colors and aromas thus providing a complete and healthy experience just like he does at Acre Restaurant. The Chef’s main goal is pursuing quality and to transmit a pleasant dining experience for every guest.

His journey in Los Cabos has been a profound learning process thanks to the geographic location of Baja California Sur. During the search to comply with the basic concepts in his gastronomic philosophy: natural, organic and healthy, Larbi discovered California Ranch Market where he found many of the ingredients that were difficult to find in the region.

In Larbi’s words, “California Ranch Market’s products are unique. I think it’s the only organic grocery store in Baja California Sur with that kind of quality. You can buy anything with your eyes closed with the certainty that it will be in perfect condition”.

Frequently, Larbi visits the establishments to buy ingredients such as artisan shrimp to prepare a delicious salad, among others such as olive oil, black pepper, aged white wine vinegar and Maldon sea salt.

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