Que Rico Kitchen -Supporting Local Producers - Apoyando a los Productores Locales

Que Rico Kitchen -Supporting Local Producers - Apoyando a los Productores Locales

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New normality… new diet complements?
It is well known that this pandemic has given us a crucial healthy lesson because of all the indifference showed of having an active body or having, specifically, a healthy diet. As human beings, we sometimes do not consider the future health problems that we can develop by having terrible habits and how much this can affect our immunological system. As long as Coronavirus has moved around the world, many people have adopted new eating habits such as eating more vegetables, avoiding fast food, and even trying organic products.

To offer a new range of healthy products and an alternative way of eating cold meat, “Que Rico Kitchen” offers you an incredible variety of products that are made following hygiene, and the most important thing is the quality and purity of their process. “Que Rico Kitchen” has opened its doors to us to present its handmade process and, of course, introducing us to its concept.

Norma Redo, who has studied a degree in culinary arts, has developed an incredible food alternative, where some kinds of products that most of the time are considered harmful, can have a new opportunity in the public’s eye. She insists on giving them a new way. Products like sausages, cookies, and sauces have been adapted by using local organic meat and seeds to consume them without any regret. These products have non-preservatives and hormones; we can include them in our diet, even though in a Keto diet, we can use them. “Que Rico Kitchen” has managed this, and it is offering its services so close to you. All these products you can get by visiting California Ranch Market, and you can also check out the great variety of sausages that they have prepared for you.

Do not miss the chance to enjoy their products at your next lunch or dinner time! “Que Rico Kitchen” has an aim, they want to serve you delicious, healthy, and quality food!


Nueva normalidad... ¿Nuevos hábitos?
Después de la pandemia, muchas personas han adoptado nuevos hábitos alimenticios, comer más verduras, evitar la comida rápida e incluso incorporar productos orgánicos a su dieta.
Para brindar una nueva gama de productos saludables y una forma alternativa de comer embutidos, "Que Rico Kitchen" ofrece una increíble variedad de productos elaborados con altos estándares de higiene, donde lo más importante es la calidad de los ingredientes en el proceso de elaboración. "Que Rico Kitchen" nos ha abierto sus puertas para presentarnos su procedimiento artesanal y, por supuesto, introducirnos en su concepto.
Norma Redo, quien ha estudiado una licenciatura en artes culinarias, ha desarrollado una increíble alternativa alimenticia donde algunos productos, que la mayoría de las veces son considerados “dañinos”, pueden tener una nueva oportunidad ante el público.

Productos como las salchichas, las galletas y las salsas se han adaptado, utilizando carne y semillas orgánicas locales para consumirlas sin ningún remordimiento. Estos productos no tienen conservadores ni hormonas; podemos incluirlos en nuestra dieta; incluso si practicas una dieta Keto, puedes disfrutarlos.
"Que Rico Kitchen" lo ha conseguido, y está ofreciendo sus servicios cerca de ti. Todos estos productos los puedes conseguir visitando California Ranch Market, donde puedes explorar la gran variedad de embutidos que tienen disponibles para ti. ¡No pierdas la oportunidad de disfrutar de sus productos en tu próxima comida o cena!
"Que Rico Kitchen" tiene un objetivo: servirte comida deliciosa, sana, ¡y de calidad!

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