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16 Mexican Christmas Dinner Recipes to Make This Year

16 Mexican Christmas Dinner Recipes to Make This Year

Looking to add some vibrant flavors and festive flair to your holiday menu? Look no further than these traditional Mexican Christmas recipes, perfect for celebrating Las Posadas, Navidad, and Noche Buena!

Mexican Christmas Dinner Recipes

1. Mexican Pork Tamales

The undisputed king of Christmas in Mexico, these tamales are filled with tender pork, chicken, or cheese, all enveloped in a soft masa blanket. View Recipe.

2. Pozole Rojo

This comforting and hearty Mexican soup/stew features shredded pork and hominy in a warm red chile broth for a truly satisfying experience. View recipe

3. Chicken Tamales

These tamales offer a delicious bite-sized option for every palate, filled with tender pieces of chicken in a flavorful chile verde sauce. View Recipe.

4. Ponche

This warm and festive Mexican punch is crafted from a delightful blend of apples, pears, oranges, and guavas. Infused with cinnamon, cloves, tamarind, and hibiscus, it captures the spirit of the season. View Recipe.

5. Buñuelos

Enjoyed throughout the Christmas and New Year's festivities, these crispy, crunchy treats are made of delectable fried dough rounds coated in a delightful blend of cinnamon sugar. View Recipe.

6. Flan

This smooth custard dessert comes with a luscious caramel topping and is widely loved in Mexico, Spain, and Latin America. It's a standout dessert that's guaranteed to dazzle your friends and family. View Recipe

7. Atole

This thick and creamy drink made with masa harina, cinnamon, and vanilla, is warm and comforting, perfect for chilly Christmas nights. View Recipe

8. Empanadas

These delightful treats feature a delectable meat filling enveloped in a light, irresistible dough, fried to perfection, and generously coated in sugar. View Recipe

9. Champurrado

This chocolate-infused atole is made with milk, Mexican chocolate, and cinnamon, sweetened with a touch of piloncillo, and enhanced with vanilla extract. View Recipe

10. Marranitos

These adorable gingerbread pigs are a delicious type of pan dulce, or sweet bread, infused with the rich flavor of molasses. View Recipe

11. Arroz con Leche

This comforting Mexican rice pudding is made with basic ingredients like rice, sugar, milk, and cinnamon sticks. View Recipe

12. Mexican Hot Chocolate

Cozy up with a cup of real cocoa powder hot chocolate, spiced up with a touch of chili for warmth and excitement. View Recipe

13. Calabaza en Tacha

Savor the tender pumpkin cooked in a sweet and flavorful syrup, a traditional Mexican dessert perfect for the colder months. View Recipe

14. Tres Leches Cake

This timeless Mexican dessert is immersed in a blend of three milks and adorned with a layer of whipped cream and fresh strawberries. View Recipe.

15. Cranberry Salsa

Add a vibrant twist to your holiday menu with a cranberry salsa that combines sweet and savory flavors with a hint of citrus. View Recipe.

16. Mole Poblano 

Mole Poblano is a rich and complex sauce originating from the Puebla region of Mexico. It is traditionally made with a variety of dried chiles, nuts, spices, and chocolate, and is typically served over chicken, turkey, or enchiladas. View Recipe.


Whether you're recreating these recipes for a festive feast or simply adding a new dish to your Christmas traditions, these culinary delights are sure to leave a lasting memory. So, gather your loved ones, set the table aglow with festive decor, and savor the magic of a Mexican-inspired Christmas that will surely create memories to cherish for years to come. 

¡Feliz Navidad and may your holiday season be filled with love, laughter, and the delicious taste of Mexico!

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